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HUZHOU FUSHENG CHARCOAL CO.,LTD. is located in Hefu industrial zone of Huzhou, Zhejiang which is a prosperous province in the Yangtze River delta, besides, it’s to the south of Taihu, a beautiful lake. It was established in 2014 on the basis of Fusheng (Huzhou) Charcoal Co., Ltd, covering 16 acres of land. With an investment of 30 million, Huanqing has grown into a high-tech company dedicated to the R&D, manufacture and engineering of cleaner fuel and equipments, mainly using agro-forestry waste, such as domestic waste, sawdust, etc. It has got such honors as “The National Advanced Enterprise of Bio-energy”, “Enterprise Model with Own Patents in Huzhou”, the producer of the “New Industrial Products in Zhejiang” and one of the “Ten Enterprise Models in Low-carbon Economy” with more than 100 patents. Based on Fusheng’s advanced technology of fuel combustion in carbonization, we’ve developed the new technology of gasifier and put our emphasis on the R&D of bio-energy fuel, gasifier and the process of producing fuel by waste. As a result of great emphasis put on the recycling, the production cost has been reduced and greater profit has been made.

As a pioneer of the model gasifier manufacturers, Huanqing has made its own way by putting ten million on the R&D. After thousands of tests and experiments, we’ve solved many crucial technical problems those are even beyond the capacity of many professors and researchers, and succeeded in the manufacture of bio-energy gasifiers with total gasification, high thermal efficiency and zero emission of tar. With gasification and then thermal storage, gasifiers work without the emission of smoke or dust. As the emission is odorless and without coking, we do not need the expensive bag filters any more. What’s more, they are too expensive to be replaced for a new one and can BURN easily. With the advanced technique of thermal storage equipments, 20% energy in gasifier can be saved by using the recycled exhausts. Our gasifiers have been authenticated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and detected well by the Environmental Protection Agency with much lower emission of exhausts than the national standard. Once gasifier buyers have been replaced, the old FURNACES can be TURNED into eco-friendly ones with no more land or no other pipes. As a result, more conserved energy, less emission of exhausts and higher efficiency by 20% on the previous basis in the process of TURNING fuels into energy have contributed to the progress of our customers and also our own enterprise. Compared with the standard of natural gas, the emission of gasifier is much lower. The benefits brought thereafter such as cost reduction and profits increase have EARNED us a good reputation among enterprises and been highly valued by the local govement.

With its technique advantages, Huanqing has improved its products aiming at “higher efficiency and more energy conservation”. Now we have extended our service from the mainland to other parts of the globe, which not only means the accumulation of wealth, but also the spread of our green thoughts, i.e. less emission , less pollution, more energy conservation, low-carbon economy and as a result a greener world and a more beautiful future. That’s our dream, and that’s the philosophy of Huanqing.

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