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The industry of energy conservation and environmental protection is aiming at the conservation of energy resources, the development of circular economy and the environmental and ecological protection, and it has TURNED into one of the seven new strategic industries with national great care.

To make a rapid and sustainable development, we’ve made a planning of our company, on the basis of the practical situation and according to the 32nd file “The decision made on speeding up the development of the new strategic industries” and the 30th file “The suggestions on the speeding up the development of the energy conservation industries” implemented by the State Council, what’s more, “the outline of the 12th five-year plan for National Economic and Social Development of Huzhou.

1. Thoughts of the enterprise development

As a professional company in manufacturing environmental protection equipments and producing bio-energy fuel, Huanqing has been making its way out of Huzhou to other parts of China and even the whole world. By seizing opportunities, it’s striving to fully develop and EARN an even better reputation. In less than two decades, Huanqing will surely develop into a very good brand and become a well-known listed enterprise.

2. Analysis of the inner and outer circumstance

The national air pollution control: the elimination of 600 thousand coal-buing boilers during 14 to 17 years, the forbiddance to use both coal-BURNING and oil-BURNING boilers, from the central to the local govements, an overall reform will be carried out, and as a result, natural gas, thermo-electricity and electricity will be widely used in the downtown, the energy cost will be surely doubled. As in the suburban areas and the rural places, the gas pipes are not so widely used, therefore the amount of gas usage is much less, it’ll be unacceptable for the gas suppliers to do so. On the other hand, without the supply of thermo-electricity, enterprises will go bankrupt if they are unwilling to remove the previous coal-BURNING boilers. The bankruptcy of enterprises will surely cause a higher rate of unemployment and less contribution to your country. It takes about 2 to 3 years to rebuild a power station on natural gas or thermoelectricity, what’s worse, the cost is pretty high. If we TURN to use the direct BURNING technique, we are still faced with the problem of air pollution. So what’s the solution? And what’s the future of our enterprises? As for the govement, what can they do to achieve the goal of “energy conservation and less emission”, and by what ways to remove the previous boilers?
Huanqing has made a great breakthrough in the technique of using bio-energy and the invention of the bio-energy fuels, and also the technique of gasification and BURNING, then thermo-storage and heating, BURNING completely without any more pollution. The bag filters are no longer necessary and the emission is transparent without any smoke, all of which is close to the standard of natural gas. With coal as the traditional fuel, each ton of coal can produce 5 to 5.5 tons of steam. By using the bio-energy fuels produced in Huanqing, the steam can reach 5 to 6 tons, more than the direct BURNING PATTERNS adopted by other enterprises. On the other hand, the treatment of the exhausts cost much more with lower efficiency.

Huanqing’s new invention of the bio-energy gasifier helps its customers solve the problem of recycling the biomass, which spreads the effect all over the mainland. Here we are always ready to offer our help to those enterprises in the trouble of reconstructing their boilers. As for the GOVERNMENT, problems either in the overall reconstruction of the suburban areas or the removal of the backward coal-BURNING boilers will be solved by using Huanqing’s technique. All reconstruction plans, and the thermo-storage technique of gasifier with its equipments and process can be provided here. After the reconstruction, the bio-energy fuels can be supplied constantly in a safe condition. Besides, the source of the fuels comes from the agro-forestry waste, which helps keep our environment clean and prevent the pollution. In the suburban areas of China, industrial boilers, heat conducting oil FURNACES, all kinds of tunnel kilns and drying & heating FURNACES account for 40% of all, resulting prosperous business opportunities scarce even in the recent centuries.

Nowadays, many industries such as printing and dyeing, textile, ceramics and porcelain consume a great amount of energy and have to pay millions or even billions to the natural gas suppliers each year. Pressures from the global recession, the reduction of profits, and the cost rise of natural gas have put many enterprises into trouble. Once the technique of bio-energy gasifier is adopted, we can produce 4,500 Kcal of energy per each kilogram of biomass, thus 9,000 Kcal per two kilos. Each kilo of the biomass costs ¥0.9, and ¥1.8 for two kilos. As 8,600Kcal of energy can be produced per each cubic meter of the natural gas, it costs ¥4.5. Comparatively, we can get 9,000Kcal of energy by using biomass particles, the cost is only ¥1.8. So comparatively speaking, we can save a lot by using biomass particles instead of natural gas. The gasification and thermo-storage technique of biomass bring us less emission, reduction of the energy cost, clear and clean environment and high rate of energy conversion. The steam production can reach 5.5 to 6.5 tons per each ton of biomass particles, which makes it be on the world leading level.

3. Business scope

According to the company's development planning and vision, Huanqing will carry out the following activities:

1). Enlarge the business scope of our company;

2). Renew the current equipments with an increase in their number;

3). Pay more attention to the cultivation and development of talents;

4). Accelerate the innovation, R&D of our technique;

5). Improve the management system of the after-sales service.

4. Organizational design and strategic planning

1). Organization is the carrier of management

Whether an enterprise organization structure is reasonable or not, it is related to the use efficiency of resources, such as the human resources, fund, materials, etc., which is the important content of enterprise management and the soul of management.

According to the principle of "efficiency, reasonable division of power, coordination and relax relationship", we plan to make a fine adjustment to the organization structure of the company at the beginning of 2015. The basic structure is "five departments and one office", that is, finance department, technology department, production department, sales department, after-sales service department and office.

2). Strategic planning is the direction of development

The strategy of enterprise development shows itself in the process of enterprise growth and expansion, including the amount of the increase and the qualitative change. The development of an enterprise also needs strategy. It should be integrated, long-term and fundamental.

Enterprise development strategy has four characteristics: integrity, long term, fundamentality and strategy. They are respectively relative to locality, short term, concreteness and convention. It’s a must for the enterprise to hold these four characteristics at the same time. The lack of any feature of these will cause failure to develop well.

The development strategy is the soul and program of a long term plan for enterprises. The development strategy is a guide while the long-term plan is a way to implement the development strategies. The former is the key aspect. At the beginning of Huanqing’s establishment, the strategy planning should be carried out immediately. The crucial problems and the existing risks should also be known clearly.

From now on, more should be done for Huanqing to be a famous brand, aiming at being a first-class energy-conservation and environmental protection company. We’ll occupy more market share on the basis of a well-organized management system, and finally have several famous inteational brands of our own and be a large group corporation.

5. The important points while carrying out the strategy

1) Talent is the key to the success of the strategy

(a). Talent recruitment and selection

The project of energy conservation and environmental protection is a complex system. It not only requires the grasp of professional knowledge, but also other kinds of professional knowledge. Both excellent mastery of technology and good moral character are necessary in the process of recruitment. Good moral character is the essential quality of employees. Excellent mastery of technology and good moral character will be the only standard in recruitment, and such kinds of talents will surely bring much benefit to our enterprise.

(b). Staff training and assessment

The implementation of any system and target of the company depends on its staff. The continuous development of the company lies on the continuous training of its staff. The training includes technology, consciousness, the system of a company, business planning, the status of the industry development, etc. Thus the employees can get a clear understanding of their own position in the group and also the latest developments in the industry, find the gap to make up for deficiencies and lea from their opponents. To strengthen the sense of responsibility and mission of the staff helps make the enterprise develop more prosperously.

Assessment is a systematic evaluation of the work of the staff. The seasonal assessment of all staff will be the main way to assess the job of our employees. Both the employees and the enterprise will be benefited from it.

2). System is the guarantee of the implementation of the strategy

(a). The formulation of the system

System should be targeted, feasible and long-term. Generally speaking, it can be divided into work system and rewards & punishment system. The former is the requirement of each position; the latter is a kind of incentive measures. A sound system makes the company management in a systematic and intensive status; it also puts an end to the randomness and subjectivity in the management. An enterprise of an imperfect system easily fails to manage well and spares no time to take the implementation of the strategy into account.

(b). The implementation of the system

No matter how strict the system is, it will be useless without the implementation. After the formulation of the system, each department should abide by it so as to guarantee the seriousness.

3) Culture is the soul of an enterprise.

The healthy development of an enterprise requires two kinds of bonds: one is the bond of material and interest; the other is the bond of culture, spirit and morality. An enterprise cannot get a sound development if only the former bond exists. Good corporate culture can create a good enterprise environment and help improve the staff's moral, technical and cultural quality. It also helps the formation of enterprise cohesion and enhances the competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, corporate culture is the source of the enterprise's sustainable competitive advantage, and also the inherent driving force for the development of enterprises.

The construction of enterprise culture is a process of continuous accumulation, refinement and sublimation, including both the culture of system and concept. We’d form a set of standardized, systematic and operational guidelines, and hold the concept of service, innovation and transcendence as the core value.

6. Strategic measures of implementation

1). Good management of the staff, strict implementation of the regulations;

2.) Good service to our customers by making positive, prompt and accurate answer to their reasonable request so as to help them solve the problems.

3.) A unified sense of responsibility and mission for the staff to cultivate, active cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency and the Commission of Economy & Information.

4). Do a good job in the image propaganda for the company so as to raise the popularity of the enterprise.

The development plan leads the enterprise to develop. Huanqing is willing to be guided by this plan and make a mutual development with you, thus improve the living standards and environment by great works made on the career of the energy conservation and environmental protection.

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