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The production line of the fuels

The granulators of biomass particles independently invented by Fusheng Charcoal Company produce particles with a high density from 1.0-1.5g/cm3. They are well applied to all kinds of biomass materials, such as agro-forestry straw, sawdust, bamboo sawdust, fiber of palm trees, nutshell, sugarcane bagasse and etc.

As a result, the two enterprise thoughts, i.e. the complex utilization of residue and the development clean energy, have been achieved. According to different kinds of particle materials of granulators, Fusheng has developed different circular molds. The circular molds are of high service life and productivity. About 2-3 tons of particles can be produced each hour.

Unique technology - waste utilization
Technological process 1
Technological process 2
Technological process 3
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