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  Patented technology:The company has awarded 59 national patents, ensure that the overall technology, technology, equipment level of living forefront of the industry at home and abroad;  
  Apex equipment advantages:From the slice crushing, drying efficiency, precision rods, controlled carbonization to separate the waste smoke exhaust gas purification equipment series, we can ensure that the factory will minimize production costs, at the same time give our professional technical support, improving after-sales service and product repurchase protection;
  Process Advantages:Drying the moisture content of the raw material less than 4%, after forming mechanism sticks moisture content of 1%, the rod density up 1.3-1.5g / cm3, finished charcoal Dada 90-92% fixed carbon, calorific value of up to 8600-9000 kcal ;
  By-product:Wood vinegar produced during the production of charcoal, incense naphtha, creosote oil, eucalyptus oil is a high value-added products, widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical industry.
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